A new video to accompany Jokerbats debut single.."Vampire"






 The first music video by Jokerbats Band who are part of the supernatural world of EvilZgate.




 After their big win at the 'Demoncock Corporation's Official Talent Show' on channel 666 (watch the show or suffer the great pain!), Jokerbats decided to create a video to celebrate the victory and here it is in it's complete orgasmatronic awesomeness!!!. Bad Magic Girls, the song that blew the Demon Z out of the competition and job as host.





Just how did we get here. Surrounded on all sides by dark forces and dark magic. Devils and demons are coming in from the dark-lands and our once revered city, now corrupt is full of oppression, greed and bad intent.

Enemies of many kinds, both supernatural and human, ancient and modern, are here fighting each other for the biggest piece of hell-pie in town and here we are, stuck right bang in the middle. Thing is though, no-one seems to know what it's all about. What is really going on. Just that it may have something to do with Brutons Castle...our home.

On one side of the castle there exists the very ancient province of Magica. Filled with towns and villages steeped in thousands of years of supernatural rivalry and conflict between people, vampires, witches, werewolves and other assorted creatures and general stuff of the night.

On the other side we have a huge, modern, present day hi-tech city, excessively corrupt with everything and everybody completely controlled. 

As we do our best to survive and we attempt to find out the truth about EvilZgate we aim to have as good a time as we can. We put on parties...lots of great parties, gigs and other stuff to try to bond and rally the local people. We organize events here at the Castle and run a music club, supporting mostly rock and metal bands from the locality.

 Our own band Jokerbats play regularly along with friends and some really cool & often weird bands from the out-lands. Among these are acts such as.. the vampire cabaret troupe..'Lord Hogweed Fly', a cool werewolf band and a truly amazing outfit who go by the name of.. 'My Demon Year'.

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